Folk Musician
Baroque Musician

Marieke Van Ransbeeck (°94 – Aalst) is a professional folk musician, baroque musician, composer and arranger. With her bagpipes she performs with various national and international folk and baroque projects. She mainly plays the Flemish bagpipes, Baroque Musette and Swedish bagpipes. Marieke completed her artistic studies in Belgium (LUCA School of Arts, Campus Lemmens) and in the Nordic countries as part of the high-profile Nordic Master in Folk Music.

Marieke and folk music go way back. She has her roots in the Belgian folk music scene, where she completely fell in love with folk/traditional music and dance. Her mission is to share folk music vibes all over the world. Her motto: “Bring folk to the people”! She delivers an energy boost that you will never forget!

Besides being a musician, Marieke loves to teach: folk music, folk dance, ensemble -, arrangement – and ofcourse instrument lessons.