Feel-Good Folk Music (BE, SE, DK)

Marvara performs highly energetic folk music composed by young bagpipe player Marieke Van Ransbeeck. The music reflects Marieke’s experiences and memories from a breath-taking musical journey in the Nordic countries. Marieke (and her bagpipes: Flemish bagpipe, Swedish bagpipe and French musette) is accompanied by 3 musicians who she met during her travels: Danish bass player Frederik Mensink , Danish cittern player Villads Hoffman and Swedish percussionist Mårten Hillbom. She also invited the Belgian accordion player Hilke Bauweraerts to join her international ensemble. 

Marvara presents their music through an interactive show that will tease all of your senses. Get ready to experience some powerful slängpolska’s, badass schottisches, sexy slow tunes, devilish polskas and even some pop music influences. This will be the moment of the evening to demonstrate your best dance moves and enjoy some feel-good folk music. Be prepared for Marvara!

Midsummer Dream

Les Abbagliati
& Marieke Van Ransbeeck

Les Abbagliati invites you to a cosy summer evening full of joy and laughter. The sun is setting, the fire awakens. The legs want to dance, the mouths want to drink. Music!
Les Abbagliati will enchant you together with Marieke Van Ransbeeck (baroque musette / Flemish bagpipes) and Benjamin Macke (accordion).  They take you to a mysterious place where folk and baroque music meet. Illustrator Herlinde Demaerel reflects the fairylike atmosphere in moving images: welcome in the world of imagination. 


Steamy Roots Music (BE)

Hidrae brings steamy eccentric roots music with powerful melodies and beautiful timbres. This five-headed band consists of: Hilke Bauweraerts on diatonic accordion & vocals, Malicorne Buysse on violin & cello, Thomas Hoste on electro-acoustic alto hurdy gurdy, Zjef Van Steenbergen on electric bass guitar and Marieke Van Ransbeeck on Flemish bagpipes & baroque musette. The refined arrangements don’t only make the dancer move, but also resonate with the listener. 

In the spring of 2020 the first CD with the melodious title “Hydraulic” was released. The CD contains 11 compositions matured on stage and receives great comments everywhere.

Vlaamse Kanonnen

Songs about Flanders (BE)​

Vlaamse Kanonnen is a new folk music project with Flemish musicians: Stijn Van der Stockt (lyrics, voice and guitar), Andries Boone (mandolin, ukulele, violin and accordion), Jo Zanders (percussion) and Marieke Van Ransbeeck (bagpipes). The project is part of the Flemish TV Show: Iedereen Beroemd, and will appear every Thursday evening (from September until mid-November 2020) on national TV in Belgium. Every week they perform a song about what is typically Flemish or what Flemish people should be proud of. 


Pan-Nordic Folk Music (BE, FI, SE, UK, DK)

Farandi are six musicians from five countries brought together by a love of Nordic folk music. Hailing from Denmark, Finland, the UK, Sweden and Belgium, they explore the potential of their respective traditions, from the elementary to contemporary, from the minimal to symphonic. Described as a “transparent ocean orchestra” (Olof Misgeld), this multinational ensemble combines accordion, flute, bagpipes and a beating heart of three nyckelharpas at its core.

From the Old Norse language, “Farandi” translates to English as “travelling” or “wandering”. The name reveals the band’s origin – a two year journey they completed together across 4 countries since 2017. 

Farandi join forces to draw lines between distant folk cousins across northern Europe. Collectively they believe in folk music that unites people – musicians, listeners and dancers. To this end Farandi are dedicated to crossing borders to share their “amazing sound” (Emilia Amper).

Nu-Folk Global Connections

European Folk Orchestra (BE, DK, HU, LV, ES, IT)

Nu-Folk Global Connections has the objective to create a European Folk Orchestra consisting of 12 musicians from 6 countries (Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Latvia and Belgium), giving them the opportunity to realise an original production of contemporary folk music and perform it throughout Europe.

This project is a cooperation between Creative Europe, Associazione Culturale Darshan (IT), Mediaevent Szolgaltato (HU), Festival Dranouter (BE), Miramundo (ES), Culture Management centre “Lauska” (LV) and Halkær Festival (DK). 

Queens of Baba

Queens of Flemish Folk (BE)​

Queens of Baba is a folk duo made up of Melanie Scheys (accordion) and Marieke Van Ransbeeck (bagpipes and baroque musette), both officially queens of Ushti Baba Land. They bring energetic, instrumental folk music, that will please both the ears of the listener and the legs of the dancer. You will experience traditional and newly written Flemish folk repertoire, flavoured with carnaval vibes and lots of humour. The Queens are available for house concerts, street animation, folk balls, folk concerts, receptions, festivals, sport events… They will happily color any possible event.

Van der Gucht - Van Ransbeeck

Baroque Girl Power (BE)

Van der Gucht – Van Ransbeeck is the baroque duo consisting of Sandra Van der Gucht (harpsichord) and Marieke Van Ransbeeck (baroque musette). They perform, solo and in duo, the “hits” of the 17-18th century French/German baroque repertoire. Their ultimate favourite composers are: Hotteterre, Chédeville, Sénaillé, Naudot, Couperin and Bach! The duo also likes to spice up their concert program with folk music, a genre that is in their eyes very closely related to baroque. Be prepared for some joyful gavottas, emotional sarabandes, tender musettes and lots of baroque girl power!